USAID contributing $15m to landmark population survey


Kabul (by Sayer Zaland ): The United States Agency for International
Development (USAID) announced to contribute $15 million to the Afghan
government to support completion of a landmark household and
population survey.

A statement released by the USAID on Tuesday said that once complete,
the survey will, for the first time in more than 35 years, provide
Afghanistan and donors with reliable economic and demographic data,
which can be used for future planning.

The Afghanistan Central Statistics Organization manages the
$74-million Socio-Demographic and Economic Survey jointly with the
United Nations Population Fund, which is helping to finance the study.

It said that other donors include the Japanese and Danish governments
and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development.

The survey will count people and households in most villages and urban areas in every province of Afghanistan. The data will be reliable down
to the district level, including limited village-level data.

“This kind of data is vital to any developing nation,” said USAID
Mission Director William Hammink. “It will give the Afghan government
the data needed to conduct elections, to do immunization campaigns,
formulate housing policy, provide humanitarian assistance, design
emergency preparedness plans and other national activities. It will
provide enough accurate provincial and district-level data so that we
will have a level of confidence that the data accurately reflects the
population in general.”

Provincial surveys have already occurred in Bayman, Ghor, Daikundi,
Parwan Kapisa, Kabul and Samangan. The rest of the provinces are
expected to be surveyed through 2018,

The last household and population census in Afghanistan was conducted in 1979 and covered only two-thirds of the country. The Afghan
government estimates the population at 30 million, but because of
security conditions, logistical and other difficulties, the actual
number isn’t known.


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