Kabul, New Delhi call terror & drugs a common threat


KABUL:  Afghanistan and India, calling terrorism, narcotics and extremism as serious challenges, on Friday called for concerted efforts to deal with the common threats.

Afghanistan needed to eliminate terrorism perpetrated from sanctuaries and safe havensfor the sake of durable peace, the two sides said in a joint statement.

After a meeting between President Ashraf Ghaniand Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the two nations vehemently denounced terror incidents in Afghanistan.

It added the two sides exchanged views on the security situation in Afghanistan, which faced serious challenges of terrorism, extremism and narcotics.

“Strongly condemning the barbaric incidents in Afghanistan in recent months, the two leaders reiterated that peace required elimination of terrorism perpetrated and supported from sanctuaries and safe havens.”

Modireiterated India’s full support to Afghanistan for strengthening its defensive capabilities for preserving the country’s unity and territorial integrity and ensuring security.

The visiting premier and the host president agreed that those perpetrating violence could not be allowed to wield influence over any part of the mountain nation.

“Groups and individuals that perpetrate violence against the people of Afghanistan … cannot be allowed to exercise control or wield influence over any part of Afghanistan’s territory…”

Such a move would pose serious risks to the gains of the last one decade and a half, and renew those very threats against which the people of Afghanistan and the international community had resolutely fought and made great sacrifices.

In the joint statement, Modi supported the Afghan government’s reconciliation process, and said the groups and individuals to be reconciled must give up violence and abide by the constitution of Afghanistan.

“The two leaders pointed out that the Mi-25 helicopters provided by the Indian government to Afghanistan and their maintenance facility would address an important requirement.”

They agreed to expand training opportunities for Afghan National Security and Defence Forces in relevant Indian institutions, based on the requirements of Afghanistan,” the statement continued.

Modi thanked Afghan authorities for ensuring the safety of the Indian embassy in Kabul, the consulates in Jalalabad, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-i-Sharif, and Indian nationals in Afghanistan, including those working on various development projects.


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