Germany Welcomes Refugees


Hilde Jacobs

Almost the whole world is touched by our Chancellor Angela Merkel for her commitment regarding the absorption of refugees in Germany. However, the media does not disclose anything concerning the internal and external politics of our government. Let me give a short overview in this matter: In fact, since Germany hasn’t updated its immigration and asylum procedures for decades, it looks like it’s more because of its existing reputation for a strong economy that the country has attracted so many refugees from war suffering Syria and other war zones. But at what price does Germany have a strong economy? Well, the answer is that Germany’s Finance Minister Schäuble is as overambitious as to reach the break-even point, i.e. stop running into debts regarding the federal government budget in 2015. However, there is a fly in the ointment, but unfortunately Schäuble does not give a smeg about it. After all, Germany is said to be a Social resp. Welfare State. The definition of a social welfare policy is as follows: “Social services provided by a government for its citizens” and “The well-being of the entire society.” But this definition does not match with the reality in our country as shown by the below mentioned arguments: Did you know, dear reader, that Germany has 284.000 homeless people? Tending upwards! Did you know that road making has stopped due to the beak-even point with the result that the road network in cities and on motorways as well as on bridges is in a most desolate condition? Did you know that Germany is lacking just about 45.000 teachers? Did you know that the suicide rate among people of more than 59 years is increasing by 3% per annum? Many of those Germans commit suicide due to old-age poverty. The above 59-year-olds add up to about 27% of the German people, but they make up 45% of all suicide victims. To avoid misunderstandings: I totally agree with the warm welcome to all refugees in spite of our own social hardship. Innumerable volunteers are helping to provide those exhausted and hungry souls with food, water and sleeping spots. It is not the Government and generally not the rich people who are actively supporting them but rather those civilians who themselves lack necessities of life. And we are proud of them! But it should be considered that we, the Germans, actually are the original cause of the refugee misery! Why? Because our Government has been and is still providing countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Algeria, Kuwait and others with all sorts of arms. Consequently it is adding to wars and fleeing people from war zones. So isn’t it the least we can do to help them? Having said this, it would of course be much better to finally stop exporting weapons and thus ending the absurd ambivalence of cause and effect! Hilde-Habiba Khatoon, Hamburg/Germany, 28th September, 2015″


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