Facebook Goes “LIVE”


By Hishan Welmilla

SAN FRANCISCO, 6 April 2016: Facebook once again came up with another new feature where making it easier to update about life in real time. Facebook is adding new features to Facebook Live in a major push to get more of its 1.6 billion users shooting and watching live streaming video on mobile devices.

With new features debuting in Facebook Live, the social network is enabling users to share moments instantly from their smart phones.

Facebook Live initially launched last summer to a limited number of public figures and then became available to the broader public in the U.S. through Facebook’s iOS and Android apps.

Now, users can go live through Facebook Groups and Events, broadcasting live video to members of the group or sharing live updates from events like birthday parties or weddings with those who can’t make it.

Demand for live video impressed CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has made Facebook Live a top priority at Facebook.

It’s a “new, raw, personal, spontaneous way people can share,” Zuckerberg said while demonstrating the Live streaming technology on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

The new feature is essentially “bringing a little TV studio” to users’ pockets, according to Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox.

“We spend a lot of time on making sure that we’re doing a nice job of educating people and introducing the product, to the experience in a new way,” he said. “The really cool thing about Live is that everybody who’s seen it so far, really, really loves it. It’s an exciting experience for people who have tried it.” Cox told media .

Among the new features: the ability to broadcast live to a Facebook group or schedule a live Q&A session through Facebook events. Videos will also be front and center on Facebook, getting their own dedicated spot in the mobile app.

The world’s largest social network made the announcements ahead of its annual conference for software developers next week in San Francisco.






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