COP 22 Importantance for Pakistan


By Hanif Ullah

Climate change has assumed a very horrendous shape and my country Pakistan is not immune from this global issue. We have been observing that winters have diminished much and summers have lengthened beyond 50 days. This has brought great anxiety and potential fears lest we are succumbed to the rigors’ of the seasons and perished soon.

In Pakistan, the drastic changes in climate and seasons are most drastic. In 2001 and 2002 the dry rainless spills of seasons put the whole nation in famine like situation and the pastoral people were made pauper and mendicants as all the cattle were virtually decimated by the droughts and all year round dry season. The obverse of the catastrophe was seen in the torrential rains and the resultant floods which swept away not only standing crops and buildings but humans and land. We see great erosion and land sliding; irregular and out of season rains have been with us for the last one decade. The scorching sun and great murky hot seasons have taken toll of thousands people throughout the country.

This COP22 conference is of utmost importance for collective thinking. What are the main follies of Man on this earth; why we are reluctant not to find prompt solutions to these lingering problems and what are in store for us in the near future? Why bear the brunt of the most developed countries that are reluctant not to minimize the burning of dangerous gases. Not only global warming but global cooling has also assumed a bad shape in our country. And there is no escape .It has come to common observation that seasons of the year have started to overlap and encroach upon other seasons.

This great gathering of the world countries will find out some solution and will try to agree on some points of crucial importance. This problem has not been taken seriously by any forum so now is the time to abandon folly and save the globe.

The writer is freelance journalist based in North West of Pakistan. He tweets @hanifullahjan


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