Afghanistan: six staff members were killed in the attack and 26 injured during attack on TV van


KABUL: A suicide bomber detonated explosives on Wednesday evening targeting a civilian bus that was carrying over 30 staff from Kaboora Production, which is a sister entity to TOLO TV, Lemar TV, Arman FM, Arakozia FM and TOLOnews.

At least six staff members were killed in the attack and 26 injured. The official statement from TOLO TV states: “We condemn these terrorist attacks that kill innocent Afghans. We wait for an update from security and government officials on the details of the attack.” The incident took place just after 5pm on the Darul Aman Road close to the Russian Embassy.

President Ashraf Ghani issued a statement immediately condemning the attack “in the strongest possible words”. CEO Abdullah Abdullah also condemned the attack and tweeted: “I strongly condemn the coward terrorist attack targeting personnel of Kaboora Production and TOLOnews in Kabul this evening.”

Photo: AFP SHAH Marai


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