Afghanistan President warns against meddling in AGO’s affairs


KABUL : Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday stressed non-interference in matters of the Attorney General Officer (AGO), saying the institution should be apolitical and away from political rivalries.

Addressing the fourth conference on Fight against Corruption and Violence Faced by Womenhere, the president said the AGO was like the heart in human body when compared to other state institutions.

He said the AGO had primary responsibility to fight against corruption and if the office showed flexibility in the anti-corruption drive, it would face a harsh response from the people.

Addressing attorney officers, Ghani said: “Justice is the main pillar of an Islamic system and its implementation is not only a professional responsibility but also a religious duty.”

The president said justice was prerequisite for political stability in society, adding his government believed in independent judiciary and had never desired meddling in its affairs and would not allow others to do so.

He said any kind of meddling in judicial the affairs was a crime and the Attorney General preserved the right to put on trial anyone who interfered in its affairs.

He asked political elites not to harm the performance of AGO through their political rivalries and support reforms process in the country’s important institution.

The president said effective measures had been taken to curb corruption and now many individuals had been hired in the AGO keeping in view their professionalism and talent.

He said the gender issue was effectively considered in the justice system and women’s presence had been increased.

courtesy: pajhwok


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