Afghanistan Journalists Join the Refugee Stream to Europe


KABUL: The Afghanistan National Journalists’ Union (ANJU) on Wednesday pleaded with journalists and media activists not to embark on illegal migration to foreign countries and instead continue working inside their home country with even more commitment.

The ANJU in a statement said a number of journalists and media workers embarked on an illegal journey to Europe two days back.

The exact number of these journalists was not clear, but reportedly around 20 people had left the country, including some with their families, added the statement.

It said the security and economic situations in the country was deteriorating over the past one year, forcing Afghans to leave the country in search of better lives in the west.

“Around 12,000 journalists in Afghanistan face threats directly or indirectly. But this group did not face any specific threat,” added the statement.

According to the ANJU statement, earlier when media personnel faced any problems, media support organisations had supported them.

The journalists who embarked on the dangerous journey to Europe had not contacted the ANJU over any complaints or problems.

The ANJU also urged media activists and journalists to continue with their job with a renewed resolve as part of their responsibility towards their country.

“We are in contact with national and international organisations to resolve problems of our media outlets and personnel and provide them with better working facilities,” concluded the statement.


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