Afghan President Ghani Addresses Nation, Calls For Calm over Kunduz Crisis


By: (Sayer Zaland in Kabul) the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Tuesday acknowledged that the lack of strategic coordination among the security forces has been the main reason behind the fall of Kunduz city.
The ministry said Taliban militants would not have taken control of the city if there had been strategic.
Acting defense minister Masoom Stanikay on Tuesday said to the press that fresh solders has been sent to the province and now the province is under control.
According to him, reinforcement troops have arrived in the area and more are being sent in.
Masoom Stanikzai said that evidence shows that many foreign militants are party to the Kunduz battle and that their war strategy has changed.
Also Afghan president participated in a press conference and the province is now under ANA control.
On Tuesday 29th September Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday addressed the whole nation and called for calm over Kunduz Crisis. “Security forces are moving forward in the city and have already retaken control of a number of buildings.” Ghani added
“The Afghan government is a responsible government and cannot bomb its own citizens,” he said adding that security forces are focusing on preventing civilian casualties.
He went on to assure the nation that everything was being done however to regain control of the city.
Due to the reports Tuesday morning airstrike took place in Kunduz a day after Taliban insurgents seized control of the city after 14 hours of heavy clashes with security forces.

President said all three security branches, the army, police and intelligence service, were cooperating fully with each other.
The incident occurred when the Taliban launched a massive and well executed attack against Kunduz and by late afternoon had taken control of the city – hoisting their flag on key buildings and in the town center.
The attack was launched at 3 a.m local time Monday from within Kunduz city. In addition, insurgents closed off the only four access points into the city – effectively preventing troops from entering and civilians from fleeing.


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