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    Afghan govt. urges Taliban, other militant groups to join peace process

    February 25th, 2016 | by Voice of South Asia
    Afghan govt. urges Taliban, other militant groups to join peace process
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    KABUL: The Afghan government has once again invited all the militant groups to the negotiating table for a durable peace in the country.

    Afghanistan National Security Advisor Muhammad Hanif Atmar in a statement in Kabul urged Taliban and other militant groups to take advantage of the government’s offer as he said doors for dialogue are not always open.

    Atmar said those groups which do not quit militancy despite the government offer for peace dialogue would be dealt sternly. “We would also seek help from Pakistan, China and the United States to fight against those groups which continue fighting against the government,” the statement quoted Atmar as saying.

    The Afghan National Security Advisor further said that his government is not focusing peace dialogue with a single group, rather they wanted to hold talks with all warring groups.

    Efforts are already underway to resume peace dialogue with Taliban, the former rulers of Afghanistan. A meeting of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group comprising Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and United States was also held in Kabul two days ago. The meeting decided to hold peace talks in the first week of March in Islamabad.

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